P.E. game for grades: K-5 


  1. Mark off a designated area with cones. If you play the whole gym it will be way too big!! I like making a square with cones and you can adjust it as needed

  2. Select 3-4 students to be taggers and they will start as the crabs and m...

This is a fun pe warm up game that your students will constantly ask you to play!


  1. Select 3-4 students to be it (taggers)

  2. When you say "go" or the music starts the game begins

  3. Students will be trying to stay away from the taggers as long as they can

  4. ...

Welcome to RPS Showdown!

This is a great warm up game that can be used for elementary, middle, or high school P.E.  This game can also be used as a final activity to a lesson working on rolling, underhand throwing, overhand throwing, or all three.


Poly dots (op...

Elementary P.E. Warm Up or Instant Activity For Grades 1st-5th

For this warm up/instant activity everyone must start and stay on the lines.  

Have one or two students start as the infected zombies.  These students will try and tag the other students.

If you get tagged yo...

This is a great elementary P.E. warm up game for grades K-2

Have a boundary setup or divide the gym into two. 


Must be moving

No Cartwheels or hand stands for safety reasons

When the music stop you have to…….FREEZZEEEEE

If you have a large group make it the last...

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